Alone next episode and contestants revealed for new TV show on Channel 4

Alone UK release date

A start date has been confirmed for the new UK series of Alone on Channel 4.

This will be the first ever British version of the international survival hit.

The show is known for being TV’s most extreme and challenging survival experiment, pushing contestants to their limits in one of the most beautiful yet hostile landscapes on Earth.

The Alone contestants. Back: L-R Javed, Naomi, Mike, Louie, Elise, Tom, Pip, Kian. Front: L-R Laura, Alan, Eva
The Alone contestants. Back: L-R Javed, Naomi, Mike, Louie, Elise, Tom, Pip, Kian. Front: L-R Laura, Alan, Eva

In this six-part series, eleven contestants will be dropped into the remote Northern Canadian wilderness, where they must survive entirely alone. With only a few basic tools and the task of filming their own adventure, they will face the elements, loneliness, and encounters with wild animals like bears, moose, and wolverines.

The ultimate test of skill, mental strength, and resilience, the contestant who lasts the longest will win a prize of £100,000.

Alone airs Sunday nights on Channel 4 with the next episode on Sunday, 13 August at 9PM. The series has six episodes.

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You are also able to watch online via with the next episode available to stream now.

A teaser for the first episode shares: “In the first episode, the contestants are dropped, alone, along the banks of the huge Mackenzie River in the Canadian wilderness. There’s shock and trepidation as they discover the first signs of bears and wolves, and they race to put up shelters and light fires before the sun sets, leaving them in the pitch-black night with only the sounds of the wilderness for company.

“NHS worker Eva comes face to face with the predator she fears most, and builder Louie is desperate to go hunting with his bow and arrow – but soon faces a harsh reality check. Alan tries foraging and discovers a taste for pine sap, even if it reminds him of toilet cleaner. Meanwhile, Mike suffers an injury that could jeopardise his place in the competition.”

Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment Ian Dunkley said: “In one of the most inhospitable locations on earth, the cast will not only have to battle the elements and hostile wildlife, but also themselves, facing adversity with no camera crew, no producers and no catering trucks on standby. It will provide a fascinating insight into the human spirit and what it takes to survive against all the odds.”

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