All seasons of American Horror Story are coming to Disney+


All seasons of American Horror Story are coming to Disney+ in the UK and Ireland!

All episodes of the hit series will be available to watch online via the streaming service from 27 April.

The first eight seasons – including Murder House, Freak Show and Coven – will join the latest two, Double Feature and 1984, which are streaming now.

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story is the hit anthology horror TV show which first debuted in 2011.

Each season tells a self-contained story which new characters and settings, ranging from a haunted house, insane asylum and witches coven to a travelling freak show, a hotel with a dark and murderous history and a murderous summer camp.

The stories are brought to the screen by an array of iconic cast members. Those who have appeared include Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe all joining the show to terrify audiences.

To date American Horror Story has received nearly 100 Emmy nominations, with the likes of Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga winning acting Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Awards for their roles.

The full list of new seasons coming to Disney+ on 27 April is:

American Horror Story: Murder House (S1)
American Horror Story: Asylum (S2)
American Horror Story: Coven (S3)
American Horror Story: Freak Show (S4)

American Horror Story: Hotel (S5)
American Horror Story: Roanoke (S6)
American Horror Story: Cult (S7)
American Horror Story: Apocalypse (S8)

Meanwhile, spin-off series American Horror Stories is also now streaming on Disney+ in the UK.

Following a similar theme to the original show, the series features a different horror story each episode with a range of guest stars.

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