5 Gold Rings 2020 start date confirmed as new series comes to ITV this autumn

5 Gold Rings will return for 2020 with a start date now confirmed.

ITV has announced that Phillip Schofield will be back with the gameshow for a fourth series later this year.

The show, filmed before lockdown, will begin on Sunday, November 1 at 6PM on ITV. There will be six-episodes.

In each episode of 5 Gold Rings, viewers will see two teams go head to head as they battle it out to answer a host of visual questions against the clock by placing ever smaller gold rings onto a supersized image displayed on an LED floor beneath their feet. The smaller the ring the bigger the money and the harder to pinpoint the answer.

The stakes are high for the teams as the they have just one chance to answer each question: if they answer the question correctly they will win the cash. But if they are incorrect, the opposing team will have the chance to steal that question – and the cash. This means they could win DOUBLE the jackpot – more than £50,000!

To give the teams a helping hand they will be given the two ‘5 Gold Rings lifelines’. They can either flip the floor, revealing a new question, or they can use their team of five, made up of family and friends sat in the audience who, using a digital tablet, will be able to place a virtual ring where they think the correct answer is.

For the contestants, every pixel really does count as state-of-the-art software, specially crafted for this game detects exactly where each ring is placed on the floor down to one pixel.

Each round gets decidedly more difficult as the gold rings decrease in size, making it even tougher to encircle the correct answer. As each ring decreases in size, the money increases.

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