XFactor 2018 voting figures: Dalton Harris beat Scarlett Lee by 10%

X Factor voting percentages 2018 confirmed

The X Factor 2018 voting figures are in following the final.

Dalton Andre Harris was crowned the winner of The X Factor 2018 last night, beating Scarlett Lee in the final showdown.

Going into Sunday evening’s show, Dalton and Scarlett were joined by Anthony Russell, who finished the show in third place.

While we already knew who won and where everyone else placed, all of the exact X Factor 2018 voting percentages are now in.

They reveal that exactly 10% ended up splitting Dalton and Scarlett at the end of Sunday night, a closer result than last year where 12% split Rak-Su and Grace Davies.

Anthony wasn’t too far behind Scarlett in third place with 27% of the vote to Scarlett’s 31%, while Dalton was top with 41%.

The final was in fact only the second time the whole series that Anthony and Dalton hadn’t been the top two acts. The other was in the first week, where Shan Ako ranked between the pair.

Anthony and Dalton exchanged places on the top spot up until Week 5, where Dalton began to take a more commanding lead up until the final on Sunday.

Meanwhile, The X Factor voting stats also reveal some very close eliminations.

In week 2 when Janice Robinson was eliminated with the fewest votes no fewer than six other acts were within less than 1% of her.

Similarly when Misunderstood were given the boot four other acts were within 1% of also leaving the competition.

Then in the semi-final last Sunday, just 1% of the votes split Scarlett, who ended up in the sing-off, and Anthony Russell, who went through.

Finally, the voting figures show that none of the judges’ choices in the sing-off changed a thing: The acts with the fewest votes always went home, even when it didn’t go to deadlock.

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The show returns to ITV next year.