X Factor stars think the show needs to take a year off

Reigning X Factor winner Matt Terry thinks that the show could do with a year off.

Matt, who won The X Factor last year, thinks the ITV series would be better if it took a year out of the TV schedules.

“I think in the UK you don’t realise how much you love something until it’s gone,” Matt said at the weeknd. “So I think it would work if they gave it a year off.”

He told the Daily Star newspaper: “Everyone would be saying, ‘Where is X Factor?’ It could do the show the world of good.

“You always want what you haven’t got.”

And runner up to Matt in last year’s final Saara Aalto agreed.

“I actually think it would be a good idea to rest the show next year because at the moment TV is full of competitions. I feel like there is too much of it,” she said.

Saara added: “I think Simon Cowell likes to do it every year, but in my opinion when you have new singers all the time you can’t really get to know anybody that well, which is a shame.”

The pair’s comments come as The X Factor sunk to a record new low on Sunday night.

Just 4.3 million viewers tuned in to the latest episode, the least watched ever for the ITV series since it started back in 2004.

The X Factor is back this Saturday and Sunday night with the third round of live shows.