Who won Survival Of The Fittest? Final results revealed with a final twist

Survival Of The Fittest winners confirmed 2018

The winners of Survival Of The Fittest 2018 have been revealed – but was it the girls or boys who won tonight?


These evening saw the end of the first ever series of ITV2’s Survival Of The Fittest.

Those in the final were: For the girls, Mariam Musa, Jenny West, Mettisse Campbell and Sam Dewhurst and for the boys, Tristan Jones, Warren Phillips, James Middleton and David Lundy.

And after one final challenge, it was the GIRLS who were victorious, winning £40,000 – but there was one last twist in store.

In tonight’s show, the Boys and Girls took part in an epic task that tested the teams both mentally and physically.

The Girls win.
The Girls win Survival Of The Fittest 2018.

Each team took part in the show separately against the clock.

Host Laura Whitmore then entered The Lodge and the Girls and Boys gathered in their teams for the last time.


Laura announced: “Folks this is it. You’ve spent the last three weeks battling it out in the African savannah and made it all the way through to the Survival of the Fittest Final.”

“Both teams have proven themselves worthy competitors again and again in all the challenges and today, both teams faced their final battle in the Ultimate Team Challenge. It was a tough one.”

“As you know, today’s Ultimate Team Challenge was a race against the clock. It was all about completing the challenge in the fastest time possible. Both teams completed but it’s all to do with how quick you were.”

“The team who completed the challenge in the fastest time will be the winners of Survival of the Fittest 2018!”

Laura then revealed that the girls won the task in the quickest time.

However, that wasn’t all.

Laura then told the girls that Mettisse had been voted as the ‘Fittest Girl’ by the public. Mettisse then had another decision to make as she was given a say in how the £40,000 prize money was shared.

Mettisse is announced as the favourite Girl.
Mettisse is announced as the favourite Girl.

She was offered the chance to share it with MATES (the Girls’ team) or DATES (her boyfriend, Tristan).

She chose MATES so the Girls won a £10,000 share each.


Mettisse said: “This win means that we have put everything together, in regards to teamwork, communication and unity and show Girls out there that we are strong, women can empower each other and that we can all stick together.”

Survival Of The Fittest airs on 2018.