Which Love Island 2020 couples are still together? Here’s who split!

Love Island 2020: Who's still together and where are they now?

Following Love Island’s first ever winter series – which of the the couples are still together and where are they now?

Here we recap who’s still together and who’s split from the final Love Island 2020 couples…

Finley Tapp and Paige Turley


The longest surviving couple, Finn and Paige have been together since Day 6 when Finn made his entrance. Paige was first coupled up with Ollie, who left the show after three days.

The pair won the series and split the £50,000 prize fund.

Since then they’ve remained together and have moved in with one another in order to be closer during the lockdown.

Paige said: “We’ve managed to keep a plant alive in the flat, so the next stage is a puppy. And then we’ll see. The kids will come.”

Finn added: “As cringy as it sounds, Paige is the ticket to being happy for the rest of my life. That’s how I feel.”


Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman

Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge
Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge


One of the original Islanders, Siânnise was first coupled up with Nas before partnering with then new boy Connor. Siânnise and Nas then recoupled before she coupled up with Luke T in Week 3.

Luke T made his entrance in Week 2 and originally coupled up with Rebecca before recoupling with Siânnise.

Like Finn and Paige, Siânnise and Luke T have moved in with one another for the lockdown and as of writing remain together.

Reflecting on their experience on Love Island: What Happened Next?, Siânnise said: “I never thought I would have done Love Island either but I’m so glad I did.”

Luke T added: “To come out of with a girlfriend and someone I’m in love with. It’s just crazy.”


Demi Jones and Luke Mabbott

Demi and Luke
Demi and Luke


Demi joined the villa three weeks in and was originally coupled up with Nas but was left single when he recoupled in the Casa Amor twist. Demi went on to couple with Luke M.

Luke M joined the show in Week 2, originally coupling up with Jess before pairing with Natalia at Casa Amor. Returning to the main villa, Luke M and Natalia quickly ended their coupling leaving him to couple up with Demi.

Demi and Luke M are no longer still together.

An insider revealed to The Sun newspaper: “It’s no huge drama – they’re just better off as friends. They had a good run but they have split for good. There’s been no cheating or drama they just drifted apart – he’s looking forward to lockdown being over and making the most of his new single status.”


Jess Gale and Ched Uzor

Jess and Chad
Jess and Chad


Jess entered the villa on Day 1 with her twin sister Eve. Jess first coupled up with Nas before recoupling up with Luke M. It was all change at Casa Amor where she met newcomer Ched and the pair have been coupled up ever since.

Following the show, Jess and Chad continued to stay in touch during lockdown but announced in June they had split.

A statement said: “After a whirlwind romance in the Love Island villa, unfortunately Jessica Gale and Ched Uzor have made the mutual decision to split. They have unfortunately felt the effects of lock down separation but will continue as friends. They wish nothing but the best for each other and full success in each others careers.”


Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu

 Priscilla Anyabu and Mike Boateng.
Priscilla Anyabu and Mike Boateng.


Mike Boateng and Priscilla Anyabu got the boot from Love Island just before the final night.

While they remained together through to summer 2021, it was recently reported that the pair had split after 15 months.

A source told the Daily Mail: “Mike and Priscilla made the most out of their relationship and supported each other throughout their time post-villa and during lockdown.

“But it’s not worked out between them – and they’ve now decided they’re better off as friends.”


Callum Jones and Molly Smith

Molly Smith and Callum Jones.
Molly Smith and Callum Jones.


Callum Jones made a dramatic decision to ditch original partner Shaughna Phillips – who he had been coupled up with since Day 1 – in favour of Molly Smith at Casa Amor.

Callum and Molly were eliminated just before the final and have since moved in together in Manchester.

While in isolation, Molly has launched a YouTube channel featuring both herself and Callum.

Appearing on Love Island: What Happened Next? Molly said: “We are in love, aren’t we? I was the one who said it first!”

Callum added: “As far as first love goes, I’m finding it very special.”

Talking about how his life has changed since Love Island, Callum said: “I’ve done things that I never thought I’d be doing. I’ve never been on a train and now I’m on trains back and forth.”

Molly asked: “You’ve never been on a train anywhere?”

Callum said: “No!”


Eva Zapico and Nas Majeed

Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico.
Nas Majeed and Eva Zapico.


Eva and Nas left the villa together, shortly after Nas brought Eva back from Casa Amor. They are currently still an item!

Appearing on Love Island: What Happened Next? Eva said: “As much as I liked you, I never thought it would get to this stage.”

Speaking about their blossoming romance, Nas said: “I knew Eva for two months and then didn’t see her for 3 months because of the current situation.”

Eva added: “FaceTime was our best friend, wasn’t it? We eventually did see each other and all those feelings came flooding back.”

Nas said: “We haven’t said the L-word yet. We’re on the right path.”

Love Island will return to ITV2 this summer.

ITV confirmed that the 2020 series had been postponed and will return in 2021.