The Wave: All about Rylan Clark-Neal’s new swimming game show


Rylan Clark-Neal’s new game show The Wave begins tonight on W.

The series swims onto telly this evening on UKTV’s W channel at 8PM and involves pairs of contestants competing for cash prizes.

One will stay on land with host Rylan while the other will head out into open water.

One contestant will have to swim out to pontoons but must make sure they return to the shore against the clock in order to win any prize.

Rylan took to Twitter yesterday to reveal more about the game in a video, posting: “ONE MORE SLEEP! #TheWave starts tomorrow at 8pm on @wchannel EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. #WaveWeek is upon us! ???????”

In the clip, Rylan explains: “The way the game works: There are couples of contestants.

“One answers questions to build up time for the swim back, the other goes to the pontoon, there’s money, there’s waves, it’s dangerous.

“Do they make it back in time? I’ve got the horn, it’s great!”

He adds: “You need to be a strong swimmer, quite intelligent, and to know when to stop.”

“If you don’t ow when to stop you’re going to go too far out and you probably will die,” concludes Rylan of the contest.

Alongside Rylan, Olympic swimmer Keri-anne Payne will also appear on the show alongside the competitors.

Speaking last year when the run was first commissioned, Rylan said: “It’s sunny, it’s sexy and it’s funny. What more could you want?

“I can’t wait to work with an amazing team, playing a really fun game and can’t wait to meet our brave contestants who are going to be taking on The Wave.”

The Wave starts Monday 15th January at 8pm!

New episodes will air nightly throughout the week.

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