Waterloo Road reveals new trailer and start date


Waterloo Road is back for a brand new series in 2024 – watch a first trailer now!

The school drama is back for its next series, the third instalment since the show’s relaunch, on Tuesday, 2 January. Fans can catch the entire boxset from 6am on BBC iPlayer, while the series will also air weekly on BBC One starting from 8PM that night.

Set and filmed in Greater Manchester, Waterloo Road has been a significant hit on BBC iPlayer, especially among viewers under 35. The series returned earlier this year, and its two series in 2023 have contributed to its status as one of iPlayer’s top shows. The complete Waterloo Road series, including the latest ones, is available for streaming on iPlayer.

The upcoming series will feature returning cast members Angela Griffin, Adam Thomas, Kym Marsh, and new students portrayed by Hattie Dynevor, Tillie Armartey, Zak Sutcliffe, Maisey Robinson, and Aabay Noor Ali.

The new episodes promise to continue addressing real-life issues relevant to teenagers, families, and school staff, blending sharp writing with a mix of warmth and humour. This series introduces a group of long-term school refusers, challenging the peace at Waterloo Road. Headteacher Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin) and her team face the daunting task of maintaining order.

The plot thickens with Libby Guthrie (Hattie Dynevor), returning to Manchester and joining her father, Neil Guthrie (Neil Fitzmaurice), at the school. The storyline also focuses on new student ‘Schuey’ (Zak Sutcliffe), whose first day is anything but ordinary. The series will also explore the evolving dynamics among the teaching staff, where personal and professional boundaries begin to merge.

The returning cast includes Vincent Jerome, James Baxter, Jo Coffey, Shauna Shim, Neil Fitzmaurice, Rachel Leskovac, Katherine Pearce, Ryan Clayton and Sonia Ibrahim.

They will be joined by new students portrayed by Adam Ali, Chiamaka Ulebor, Inathi Rozani, Liam Scholes, Lucy Eleanor Begg, Priyasasha Kumari, Summer Violet Bird and Thapelo Ray.

The BBC has further confirmed that two additional series of Waterloo Road are currently being filmed in Greater Manchester, to air later in the year.

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