Watch Danielle Harold on Jamie Oliver’s Dream School

I’m A Celebrity star Danielle Harold has revealed her surprise rise to fame on Jamie Oliver’s Dream School.

The actress appeared on the reality show on Channel 4 as a teenager in 2011.

She shared in the latest episode of I’m A Celebrity: “I didn’t know how to get into it. I used to constantly apply and didn’t get anything. Then I saw an advert for Jamie Oliver’s Dream School. I was like, ‘What’s that?’ One of the things on there was drama.

“I applied, the phone rang and it was Jamie Oliver ringing my house number.”

Danielle continued: “I won a scholarship and with the money I made a showreel. With that I met an agent. She was like… ‘I can’t take you on my books’… three days after she called me up and said, ‘I just so happen to have an audition drop on my table and I’ve got nobody on my books that fits, they want a young blonde girl.’”

She added: “I cannot tell you the mad feeling I felt when she said EastEnders.”

Danielle on I'm A Celebrity

Danielle vividly recalled the audition process, admitting she was overwhelmed and panicked at first, even breaking down in tears. However, her improvisation skills caught the casting team’s attention.

She anxiously waited for a call, expecting it by 6 pm on a Friday. As time passed, she became more anxious until finally, at 7:30 pm, she got the call confirming she had landed the role. The feeling of disbelief and elation at hearing she would be on “EastEnders” was something she described as indescribable.

Tony Bellew’s own rise to fame

Tony, in contrast, shared his own unique path into acting, specifically his role in the Creed series. He recounted receiving a phone call that seemed like a joke at first. But reality set in when the director of “Creed” personally flew in from Los Angeles to meet him.

Tony on I'm A Celebrity

He then detailed the rigorous process of training and choreographing fight scenes for the movie, alongside stars like Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan. Tony humorously shared an incident where he intentionally hit Jordan during a fight scene, as it was part of the script.

Tony’s awe at his journey from the streets of Liverpool to a major Hollywood film was palpable. He expressed his disbelief and pride in being part of such a renowned movie franchise. Meeting Sylvester Stallone was a standout moment for him.

Initially hesitant to address him as ‘Rocky’, he was put at ease when Stallone insisted on being called ‘Sly.’

Elsewhere in the latest episode, another celeb was voted off in the I’m A Celebrity 2023 results.

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