Battle in The Box: Jimmy Carr to host new comedy reality game show on Dave

Jimmy Carr hosting The Big Fat Quiz
Jimmy Carr hosting The Big Fat Quiz (Picture: Channel 4)

Jimmy Carr will host new comedy reality game show Battle in The Box on Dave and UKTV Play.

The new series is based on a hit Korean format from Seoul and sees pairs of comics and some of the nation’s favourite celebrities battle it out for pride, prizes and most importantly floorspace.

The eight-episode series will comprise of four tense double bills which will see eight pairs spend 24 hours in the box.

A teaser shares: “When the clock starts two celebrity teams will move into a completely empty box divided by a moveable wall with nothing but a toothbrush. Once inside, they will only have cameras and each other for company – no beds, tables, chairs or home comforts.

“Over the course of the day and night, they will need to earn everything by winning a series of physical and mental challenges all set by the orchestrator of this chaos, Jimmy Carr. Winning a game means more space and luxuries for the lucky duo.

“But there’s a catch: more room for one team means less for the losers, as the Box’s sliding wall forces them into an ever-smaller space. And, with games set around the clock, the tide – and the wall – can turn at any time.”

Jimmy Carr said: “We all know comedians are at their best when they’re tired, hungry and lacking the most basic of human comforts. So, I can’t wait to see how they’ll fare in the box, with space at a premium and cameras watching their every move. What could possibly go right?”

Mark Iddon, senior commissioning editor at UKTV, added: “Finally, we get to answer the classic age-old question of what would happen if Jimmy Carr locked two pairs of comedians in a giant box for 24 hrs to battle to the death (ok, not death) whilst a moving wall threatens to make them live in a space the size of a photo booth? Because, you know, there is nothing like a wall inching in on your personal space to bring out the best in comedy!”

A start date for the new series is to be announced.

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