Taskmaster 2021 cast line up and episodes from series 12 on Channel 4

Who's on Taskmaster series 12? Cast line up of celebrities

Taskmaster Series 12: Desiree Burch, Morgana Robinson, Greg Davies, Guz Khan, Alex Horne, Victoria Coren Mitchell, Alan Davies

Series 12 of Taskmaster has arrived on Channel 4 for 2021 - here's all you need to know.

Greg Davies returns to take a seat on his regal throne with Little Alex Horne once again busily taking notes to determine who will be the next Taskmaster champion.


A brand new line up of five celebrities will take on the challenge but who will take home the title?

Watch Taskmaster on TV and online

Series 12 of Taskmaster started on Thursday, 23 September at 9PM.

Episodes will air weekly on TV and online via the All 4 player.

As well as the new series, the past ten series of Taskmaster are also available to stream or download for free for UK viewers.

Taskmaster 2021 cast

A quintet of quivering comics sit in awe and fear, wondering if their resourcefulness, dexterity and creativity will be enough to impress the formidable Taskmaster.

The contestants on Series 12 are comedian, writer, and actor Alan Davies (QI, BBC Two); Comedian, writer and actor Desiree Burch (Live At The Apollo, BBC One); BAFTA nominated comedian Guz Khan (Man Like Mobeen, BBC Three); BAFTA winning impressionist and actor Morgana Robinson (The Morgana Show, Channel 4) and Writer, presenter and professional poker player Victoria Coren Mitchell (Only Connect, BBC Two).

This captivating quintet will attempt numerous seemingly pointless tasks that test their ingenuity, dexterity and calmness under extreme pressure.


Taskmaster series 12 episodes

Episode 1 - 23 September
n the opening episode, Greg and Alex welcome the five fresh competitors desperate to lay their sticky mitts on Greg's coveted golden head-trophy with tasks featuring creepers, catapults and one (fake) cactus

Episode 2 - 30 September
This time, the five comedic contestants continue to compete against each other but, for the first time this series, they must also show off some teamwork as they're faced with a mountain to climb. Alex Horne keeps a diligent record of events as Morgana Robinson investigates suspect doggy bags and Guz Khan slaps a space hopper.

Episode 3 - 7 October
In this episode, Greg gets Victoria Coren Mitchell drawing an exploding cat, Alan Davies hurting himself with a rubber band and Desiree Burch doing something inexplicable when faced with sand.

Episode 4 - 14 October
This time, Alex Horne gets all excited over a task involving a fiendish riddle. Meanwhile, Morgana Robinson drenches herself in peas, Victoria Coren Mitchell learns a new skill, Desiree Burch makes a political statement with jam, Alan Davies piles on the sunglasses, and Guz Khan pens a new song. Greg Davies is by turns impressed and really quite cross.

Episode 5 - 21 October
This time, Taskmaster celebrates its 100th episode! Perhaps this will signal a new start for the complicated relationship between Greg and his simpering secretary Alex... or perhaps not. Victoria Coren Mitchell celebrates with a flapjack, Morgana Robinson celebrates by slicing up some plastic balls, and Guz Khan celebrates by barricading himself in the Taskmaster house. Happy Birthday, Taskmaster!

Episode 6 - 28 October
In this episode, Greg Davies climbs aboard his judgement throne once more and tells his cracking cast of comics exactly what he thinks of their efforts to impress him. Will he be pleased with Desiree Burch affixing tennis balls to gaffer tape? Or Victoria Coren Mitchell constructing a rudimentary pulley system? Or Alan Davies finding out how many circles he can carry?

Details on further episodes are to be confirmed.

Meanwhile alongside series 12, Taskmaster Champion of Champions will be back with a new special in 2021.


The new Champion Of Champions show will see the victor of series 10, Richard Herring, joining fellow champs Liza Tarbuck, Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders, and Ed Gamble.

An air date for the Champions special is to be confirmed.

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