Joe Lycett's Got Your Back returns to Channel 4 with new series

Joe Lycett

Joe Lycett returns to Channel 4 with a brand new series of Got Your Back for 2021.

Once again, it will follow comedian Joe Lycett as he turns his well-honed skills of complaining to dish out a hilarious dose of consumer justice on behalf of the people of the UK.

Past series have seen Joe not only managed to change the policies of several multinational giants but also get thousands of pounds of people’s money back and celebrated everyday customer service heroes.

With more scams, dodgy practises and unacceptable consumer standards at large, national business will once again be exposed, and Joe – with the help of his assistant Mark Silcox – will also look to uncover those solo rogues exploiting innocent victims such as cowboy builders and crooked car salesmen.

Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett

The new series of Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back starts at 8PM on Channel 4 on Thursday, 19 August.

Joe said of the new episodes: “I felt really out of my comfort zone when we first started on the third series because I hadn’t done it for so long but very quickly I remembered how brilliant, smart, funny and creative the team all are.

“It is very much a team effort. I take all the glory, but it is a team effort. It feels good to be back, ruffling some feathers!

The pandemic has forced a slight change to the regular, with Joe explaining: “It’s obviously slowed down our face to face confrontations because they’re not safe to do anymore but that’s fine as we’ve been very creative and found other ways to take people on.

“We also felt like there was scope for being more positive so we’ve done a lot more where we’ve not necessarily taken on a big company and exposed them for wrongdoing but illustrated there’s more of a social or environmental issue that we can be silly with.

“That’s been a really fun and new development for this series.”

Teasing the new series, Joe adds: “We have taken on the Co-Op who we like but they’ve disappointed us – we’re not angry with them, just disappointed.

“That involved me doing an award ceremony outside their HQ and catfishing them on social media.

Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett

“I went up to Inverness to find out about a shocking thing that the people who live there often have to pay a lot extra to have parcels delivered because certain companies claim it’s not in the UK mainland. It’s very much not in the sea so I don’t think they’ve got a leg to stand on there.

“And we have tried to convince a company to change their plastic bottles into a more recyclable and environmentally friendly one by storming off a beloved chat show.”

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