Davina McCall spills This Time Next Year secrets ahead of the new series

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This TIme Next Year Davina McCall

This Time Next Year returns to ITV tonight and Davina McCall has spilled all on the new series.

Davina once again hosts the life-transforming programme This Time Next Year, airing from 8PM this evening.

Featuring extraordinary people from around the UK who will share with viewers what they pledge to change in their life by ‘This Time Next Year’. Over the course of 12 months they’ll aim to fulfil their dreams of losing weight, meeting an unknown family member, having children, or finally realising a lifelong personal ambition.

Their transformations will appear instantaneous using the programme’s ‘time travel’ style format. Once each pledge is made, the contributor will leave the studio ready to begin their challenge but just moments later will reappear completely transformed one year later, hopefully revealing a brand new them.

Revealing all about the new series, Davina said: “So this next series has got a really big variety of goals set by people, we have got quite a few medical goals which have been really interesting, we’ve had a young girl who wants to have her first sleepover but her illness has made it impossible for her to do that.

"We’ve also got somebody who, through an autoimmune illness, her nose disappeared into her face and she wants to be able to go outside again and not feel self conscious and she was really amazing. It was quite a harrowing story, so really different stories this time.”

One story that particularly stood out for Davina was that of Jayne Hardman, who features in the first episode.

"The lady who wanted to fix her nose, that was really a very tough story to follow. But everyone who comes on and makes their pledge - I worry about these people for an entire year. Throughout the year I think, ‘I wonder how she is doing or I wonder what she is doing'," Davina said.

She went on: “I do sometimes get emotional in the ‘this time’ bit when they come in and make their pledge, but the time when I get really emotional is when they come back out and tell me how they’ve done it.

"We had a really amazing story where a granny wanted to learn how to read, she was very dyslexic and she had been called stupid all her life but all she wanted to do was learn how to read. And she described the sort of prison she is in because it’s road signs, it’s food, it’s everything.

"All she wanted to do was read to her grandkids, it was the sweetest thing so yeah, you get really attached to people and it is very emotional but usually the real emotion comes when you find out if they’ve done it or not.”

Unfortunately it doesn't always work out.

Davina explained: “Well I always try, even if they haven’t achieved what they wanted, to still make the show a positive experience for them.

"I want them to know that I appreciate it’s brave to come back and say you haven’t been able to do it so I want them to know that when they do tell us that, I will be really sensitive about it and I’ll try and find something positive to say about their experience because often it is through no fault of their own.”

This Time Next Year airs at 8PM tonight on ITV.

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