X Factor spoiler! Shock split for another act at bootcamp?!

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Two X Factor 2017 contestants face a shock twist a bootcamp this week, it’s been claimed.

The X Factor airs this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV again as bootcamp continues.

All the acts who made it through the auditions and first bootcamp challenge must now sing in front of a live audience at Wembley Arena.

As if that wasn’t tough enough, one duo face another twist when Simon Cowell asks them to split up.

The Sun newspaper reports that the panel invite brother duo ITG to split up, putting only one half through.

ITG [Alex and Leon].
ITG [Alex and Leon].

In The Genetics – aka ITG – are made up of brothers Alex (18) and Leon (22) who are hotel singers from Norwich.

They made bootcamp after an audition earlier this year, singing Ed Sheeran’s Don’t.

At the time Simon Cowell said no to the pair but the other judges said yes.

Apparently, at bootcamp the panel feel that only older brother Leon should progress leaving Alex to go home.

A source said: “Simon and the judges put the lads in a really tough position and there’s high drama. It’s an agonising decision for the whole family and there are a few tears.

“But, ultimately, they wanted Leon to have the chance of success, even if it meant trying to do it alone.”

A similar ultimatum was delivered to mother-daughter duo Descendance last week, resulting in daughter Hayley going solo.

There were signs of a bootcamp break up in a preview for this week’s episode, as Simon was seen telling one act: “We think you should stay in the competition alone.”


What decisions the duos make will be revealed this weekend.

The X Factor 2017’s latest double bill airs starting this Saturday between 8:15PM and 9:45PM.

The show continues with a bumper six chair challenge episode on Sunday night from the earlier time of 7:30PM, finishing at 9PM.

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