Trish speaks out after shock Big Brother exit


Big Brother’s Trish has spoken out after her exit from the house in last night’s live show

Trish was one of two housemates to leave in a double eviction on Friday, departing the house alongside Chanelle.

The pair had faced the public votes against Jenkin, Olivia and Noky.

Trish is evicted

Appearing on spin-off show Late & Live, Trish confessed: “I’m still a bit shocked… but at the same time there was a part of me that thought, this is my third nomination. if i was a viewer, I might be thinking, ‘This is the third time their mates are putting them up, should I be looking at this a bit closely, they can’t just be hating.'”

After watching back her nominations from Chanelle, Tom and Jenkin, Trish reacted: “That’s exactly who I thought would nominate me.”

She shared: “There’s been a lot of times their crew would act like they liked me to my face but then I’d hear something that’s bitchy, or I’d walk in a room and they’d go quiet. I feel there’s been a lot of passive aggressiveness, microaggression, I was feeling a lot of judgment.

“I could answer something and Tom would say ‘I’m not trying to argue’ and I ‘think, I’m not trying to argue either because I would win anyway.

“I feel they sometimes they always saw me as aggressive even when I was just existing.”

Trish also confronted Chanelle about her attempt to clear the air, suggest it was only for the cameras.

Chanelle watching Trish's interview

Saying she didn’t feel Chanelle’s comments “sincere”, Trish said: “I feel they were approaching me to show others, and the TV it was okay, it wasn’t about me…. I know you want things to be calm for you, not for me.”

Trish went on to speak about her many arguments in the house: “I’ve always known I”m very forward. If I see something wrong, I’m going to say something.

“And I know the world isn’t always comfortable with that, especially coming from a woman. Coming from a man, you’re seen as assertive, a boss, a leader, someone who speaks up for what’s right.

Trish being interviewed about Big Brother

“But when it’s a woman, you’re seen as argumentative, aggressive, bitchy, problem-making.”

Trish concluded: “There were a lot of issues in the house where people were silent for their own comfort but injustice makes me uncomfortable.”

And finally asked who she wanted to win, Trish said Yinrun and Jordan.

Big Brother continues Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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