Travel Man tonight: 48 Hours In Antwerp with Katherine Parkinson

Travel Man is back with new host Joe Lycett, tonight joined by Katherine Parkinson on a unique getaway.

From taking in the sights of Bilbao and San Sebastián to jetting off to Split, Cyprus and Antwerp, each episode takes a sideways look at how visitors might spend 48 hours in some of the world’s most popular mini-break destinations .

And for each trip, the Travel Man is joined by a well-known travel companion.

This time, Joe’s joined by actor Katherine Parkinson as the pair explore the Belgian city of Antwerp. With the city being just three hours by rail from the UK, they let the train take the strain and arrive in the centre of the city in no time.

Joe and Katherine check in to the De Witte Lelie Hotel, rumoured to be where Adele stays when she’s in town. City Golf is the first stop on their tour, as the pair deduce there’s no better way to explore a town than by hitting a golf ball around it.

Over three holes, their guide Vincent leads them through some of the city’s most beautiful squares, giving them a history lesson along the way.

With Belgium being famed for its beer, Joe and Katherine visit De Koninck Brewery, where they sample five different food and beer pairings – research that leaves them in urgent need of a lie down.

Their second day begins with breakfast in a launderette, before Joe and Katherine don wellies and boilersuits for a trip down De Ruien, a network of subterranean tunnels that criss-cross the city.

No trip to Antwerp is complete without some sparkle, so the pair end their 48 hours with a visit to a diamond workshop to learn more and have a go at polishing one themselves.

Travel Man: 48 Hours In Antwerp airs on Monday, 25 April at 8:30PM on Channel 4.