The Void: All about new ITV game show with Ashley Banjo and Fleur East

The Void is a brand new game show coming to Saturday nights on ITV.

The seven-part series will be hosted by Britain’s Got Talent and Dancing on Ice judge, Ashley Banjo and singer and presenter Fleur East.

The show will see contestants put themselves to the test to take on a wide range of demanding mental and physical challenges – all whilst navigating the terrifying prospect of falling into ‘The Void’.

The Void – a daunting and unforgiving chasm of 520,000 litres of water stretching across the arena floor – is one of the biggest bespoke water tanks ever constructed for a game show.

The Void
The Void. Picture: ITV
Wrecking Ball. Picture: ITV
Wrecking Ball. Picture: ITV

The winner of each episode will get to take on The Void for one last time and a chance to win a jackpot of £25,000.

The Void will air on Saturday nights on ITV starting on 10 July at 8PM.

Ashley Banjo said: “I literally cannot wait to get started on this one! The concept is so simple…can you cross ‘The Void’ and reach the prize on the other side? But if the brains behind ‘The Cube‘ have anything to do with it (which they do of course) it will be anything but simple!

“It’s also the first game show I’ve been lucky enough to host and all alongside the amazing Fleur East, which is another thing I’m buzzing about. So all in all, there’s no doubt in my mind this is going to be immense!”

Bridge The Gap. Picture: ITV
Bridge The Gap. Picture: ITV
Bridge The Gap. Picture: ITV
Bridge The Gap. Picture: ITV

Fleur East added: “I am really excited about hosting this show, the concept is epic! Created by the same genius behind The Cube which is a show I love. Also getting to work alongside Ashley is amazing, he’s so talented and it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

Katie Rawcliffe, Head of ITV Entertainment Commissioning commented: “The Void is a physical game show with a difference.

“The scale of the show will be vast and with Ashley and Fleur at the helm, The Void promises to be a great addition to ITV’s Saturday night family viewing.”