The Inbetweeners reunion show disappoints many fans


Fans of The Inbetweeners have been left disappointed by Channel 4’s reunion show.

E4 series The Inbetweeners celebrated it 10th anniversary with a special on New Year’s Day at 9PM.

It featured the original gang of four – Simon Bird (Will), James Buckley (Jay), Joe Thomas (Simon) and Blake Harrison (Neil) – together again for one night only in a two hour studio show celebrating 10 years of futile teenage crushes, clunge, fwends and a lot of drinking as they looked back on the show.

The special was hosted by Jimmy Carr and left many of those watching very confused.

It seems a lot of people were hoping for a special new episode, with one viewer reacting on Twitter: “What the f**king fuck is this!? Was expecting a new, two hour long episode of the inbetweeners. 2019 ruined already. #inbetweeners”

Another added: “Why the f**k is the long-anticipated #inbetweeners show on @Channel4 just some lame reunion & clips show? Such a f**king missed opportunity and lazy TV.”

Agreed a third: “Non of the actors look like they want to be there… and I thought it was a episode not an awkward talk show :(. #inbetweeners #inbetweenersreunion”

The choice of Jimmy Carr as host also didn’t go down well.

“Well thank you to @jimmycarr for ruining what could have been a great show, it’s like a weird uncle who’s trying to look cool with the youngsters. #inbetweeners,” joked one viewer.

Another slammed: “Imagine having one of the funniest tv comedy shows ever and getting the least funniest comedian to host it #inbetweeners”

“#FwendsReunited was painfully bad. Greg Davies should’ve hosted it. #Inbetweeners” suggested a further Twitter user.

The complaints ultimately prompted James Buckley to speak out.

He tweeted: “Feeling pretty hated right now. Im sorry to anyone who feels let down with last nights show. Im especially upset as it really is the fans that made the inbetweeners a success, it certainly wasnt me. I might do an explanation video on my YT, or might just leave it & move on #sorry”

Meanwhile, others asked where Emily Atack – who played Charlotte ‘Big Jugs’ Hinchcliffe – was, after she failed to appear in the show.

The recent I’m A Celebrity contestant explained she was signed up to take part but was later dropped.

“Unfortunately, I don’t really know what happened there,” she explained to Capital FM. “I was booked to do it, was very much looking forward to doing it and then the day before I was told I was no longer needed for it.”

She added: “It’s alright these things do happen and I think they just decided to go a different route with it, I don’t know, or it was to do with production timings and things.

“These things do happen and they’re just doing a different route I think and I wish them all the best and I know it’s going to be great and the fans won’t be disappointed.”

If you missed The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited you can catch up online here.