The Canary Islands with Jane McDonald (Lanzarote)

Jane McDonald in Lanzarote

In the latest episode of new Channel 5 TV series, Jane McDonald begins her Lanzarote adventure in Costa Teguise, checking into a hotel in this bustling resort.

Her first stop is the Jameos del Agua caves, an artistic marvel by Cesar Manrique, comprising underground volcanic tunnels, an underwater lagoon, a pool, and an amphitheatre. She explores these wonders with island enthusiasts Richard and Jo.

Intrigued by local crafts, Jane takes a pottery class with Juan, a skilled artisan, where she learns to create small bowls using centuries-old techniques.

An unusual attraction catches Jane’s attention in Playa Blanca – ‘the spoon in concrete’, a quirky site drawing both tourists and locals. However, upon her visit, she discovers the spoon missing and stumbles upon a local vlogger reporting on the incident. Jane then joins Mark and Jude, fellow spoon enthusiasts, for a drink and learns more about Lanzarote’s attractions.

Jane’s journey continues with her friend Terri to Timanfaya National Park, where they enjoy chicken cooked using volcanic heat and sample local wine.

In Teguise, once the capital, Jane immerses herself in local culture. She listens to timple music, learns about its creation, and tries her hand at palo canario, a traditional form of stick fighting. Her Lanzarote experience concludes with a sea swimming lesson from coach Paul, who helps Jane refine her swimming technique.

The Canary Islands with Jane McDonald (Lanzarote) airs on Channel 5 on Friday, 26 January 2024 at 9:00PM.