Singletown cast: Meet couples from ITV2 series – who’s still together?

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Here are the couples taking part in new ITV2 reality series Singletown.

Emily Atack and Joel Dommett present the new dating show in which five different couples pause their relationship and head to London for a summer as singletons.

Once separated, the former couples put themselves ‘back on the market’ and immerse themselves in London town’s glamorous and vibrant dating scene to see if their ‘real life’ relationship really is the one for them.

While single, the pairs will live separately as Emily and Joel offer their own advice and guidance, while acting as celebrity matchmakers along the way.

At the end, a ‘Love Locket Ceremony’ will see the original couples decide if they want to end their journey of discovery by reuniting or stick to flying solo.

Singletown airs at 9PM weeknights on ITV2.

Meet the couples on Singletown and see who’s still together below…

Claudia Trante and Rob Greenway (REUNITED)

Rob and Claudia.
Rob and Claudia.

Instagram username: @rob_greenway and @claudiatrante

21-year-old Dancer Claudia and 23-year-old landscaper Rob from Surrey have been a couple for just over three years, but Claudia has never been out of a relationship and is intrigued by how she’ll be as a single person, revealing that she’ll probably be a massive flirt!

Singletown offers them both the chance to find themselves outside of the relationship with Claudia finding that lately the passion in their relationship is dying out and Rob feeling it could be beneficial for them both to be apart.

Rob wants to know what Claudia is like behind closed doors and how she reacts to the attention she gets. Additionally, he misses spending time “with the lads”.

At the end of Singletown, Rob and Claudia reunited.


Sophie Moran and George Bird

Sophie and George.
Sophie and George.

Instagram username: @lil_soph2 and @george.birdd

18-year-old aspiring Army medic Sophie from Tamworth and 21-year-old Lichfield-based George, who works for the family business, would be husband and wife if George had his way, but Sophie does not agree.

Sophie loves George but worries that his priorities are not aligned with hers – she wants a career first.

Sophie believes that “this is the time to see if we are right for each other.”

George says: “It’s either going to make us more whole and as if nothing’s going to ever break us, or…”

Continues Sophie: “…we both realise that we don’t want it. We need to know where we’re going in the future. We won’t waste any more time.”


Jeremiah Kanjakwa and Selin Tursucu (REUNITED)

Jeremiah and Selin.
Jeremiah and Selin.

Instagram username: @selin_ox and @jeremiahkanjakwa

21-year-old Selin and 23-year-old Jeremiah from Chelmsford have broken-up with each other on many occasions.

Selin has only ever been with Jeremiah and he worries that she’s only with him because she’s afraid of being alone, something she’s determined to prove him wrong on.

Singletown is a chance for the fiery couple to figure out if they have a future together, with Jeremiah moving away with his work and Selin wondering if moving with him is the right decision.

At the end of Singletown, the pair reunited.


Natasha Finn and Luke Louza (REUNITED)

Natasha and Luke.
Natasha and Luke.

Instagram username: @natashafinnxo and @doublelwv

24-year-old Natasha and 29-year-old Luke are from the West Midlands and started the show at crossroads in their two-and-a-half-year relationship.

Natasha was ready for a ring, but Luke could not see that happening any time soon as he believed they’re not at that stage of the relationship yet, coupled with commitment issues.

Natasha had concerns that she was going to get “stuck in a relationship that is not going to go anywhere,” and joked that she’s “not going to get any hotter” so hoped Singletown will help Luke come to a decision about their relationship and their future as a couple.

It worked, with the pair reunited after the first week and staying as a couple.


Elliott Churchley and Charlie David (REUNITED)

Elliott and Charlie.
Elliott and Charlie.

Instagram username: @elliottchurchley and @charlsdavi

23-year-old Charlie and 25-year-old Elliott from High Wycombe have been together for five years, ever since Elliott slid into Charlie’s DMs and resulted in a whirlwind romance that led to Elliott coming out as gay and them moving into Elliott’s family home after seven months.

After this fast romance and the loss of Elliott’s mum, the couple were confronted with a house they had to pay for and more responsibilities than they planned. The honeymoon period was over and trust between the pair became an issue when Elliott was found texting other guys.

They both believed Singletown would be the perfect opportunity for them to figure out what they want, with Charlie admitting he felt “bored” in the relationship and Elliott feeling that they both needed to take “a step back” and go on their own journeys.

At the end of the second week, the pair chose to reunite and leave Singletown together as a couple.


Nathaniel Hanson and Megan Grace (SPLIT)

singletown nat meg
Nathaniel Hanson and Meg

Instagram username: @nat__hanson and @meg_brodrick

Nathaniel Hanson (Nat) and Megan Grace (Meg) recently went on a break and now want to put their relationship to the test on Singletown.

Meg says Nat slept with someone else on their break while he says he was suspicious of her messages to another person.

At the end of Singletown, the couple both decided not to reunite.


Ella-Joy Green and Kyra Harding (REUNITED)

Ella and Kyra
Ella-Joy Green and Kyra Harding

Instagram username: @ella_joy_green and @kyraharding

Ella and Kyra were the latest couple to join Singletown, hoping the show would help them figure out whether they are really right for each other or are better off as friends.

At the end of the series, they reunited as a couple.

Singletown airs weeknights at 9PM on ITV2.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub.

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