Sharon Osbourne rips into X Factor and Simon Cowell ahead of return

Sharon Osbourne has lashed out at Simon Cowell ahead of her return to The X Factor later this year.

The 2018 series of The X Factor has seen a lot of changes to the judging panel, with Sharon, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh gone.

Joining Simon instead for the auditions are Robbie Williams, Ayda Williams and Louis Tomlinson.

But Sharon will be back for the live shows, at least that is the plan.

Sources say her place could well be at risk after a foul-mouthed rant about Simon and the show on US radio.

Sharon began by saying that Simon “will do whatever he has to do to get that f*****g fat face on TV.” after his return to the America’s Got Talent judging panel.

She went on to talk about her upcoming X Factor role, claiming she’ll be entitled to the same pay as the other judges.

“So Simon and I have a clause in my contract, ‘favourite nations’. Simon goes to the press and goes, ‘This is the best £10 million I have ever spent’,” she said (via the Daily Mail). “So I go, ‘I have favourite nations, where is my f*****g £10 million? I have a clause’. I am a businesswoman.”

Sharon continued to take a swipe at new judge Ayda, saying: “Listen to this he has got two f*****g people in the show. He has changed the panel. Robbie Williams, he’s a good guy, and he has got his wife on.

“I don’t know [what she knows]. She was in a soap opera here years ago.”

And she said of not taking part in this year’s auditions: “Oh f**k. I don’t have to have those kids singing in my face.

“Those little sh**s. They all suck. It is like, ‘hey is this f***ing karaoke or what?’

“The thing is, it is the end of my contract now, it’s like no holds barred. It’s like get the f**k off the stage. You’re s**t. Get the f**k out.”

Sharon concluded the interview: “Will you give me a job on Monday when I get the sack?”