Ronnie breaks silence on Love Island exit and future with Harriett

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Ronnie reflects on his positive experience in the Villa, his friendships, and his future plans with Harriett and the boys after leaving Love Island.

How are you feeling about leaving the Villa?

I know that I went into the Villa just being me so I know I can walk out with my head held high. I wanted to stay a bit longer, but obviously my time was up. I felt like I was a good Islander and I did everything that I really wanted to do. I had the best time. There’s no complaints from me.

Why do you think the public put you both in the bottom three?

There isn’t too much thought into that for me; people vote and that’s the name of the game isn’t it.


Did you think any of the other two couples should have gone instead?

Everyone’s equal in there, everyone’s got their strengths and weaknesses. You can look at it and say it’s a friendship couple [Konnor and Grace] that stayed over an actual couple, but I’m not that sour to moan about things like that. Wil and Uma, they’re flying. I was really close with Wil and they do get on really well. So there’s no sour thoughts on that from my end.

How did you feel when Joey cried when you got dumped?

Our friendship has grown every day, he’s like a brother to me now. I said, ‘Don’t, you’ll start me off!’ It was a tough one last night obviously with the boys. I take things like that in my stride. It was quite emotional in the end and my friendship with Joey means a lot. I’m going to miss the boy. That friendship will be outside of the Villa 100%. I feel like I was a big character in there. Wherever I go I get on with everyone. Wherever I go I leave a mark, that’s how I’ve always been, in a good way. It was sad to go.

How are you feeling about leaving with Harriett?

I’m happy. It was a bumpy start with all my triangles. But everything came full circle and I felt like that last week we’ve [Harriett and I] been really good. We had a lovely date and we’ve been getting to know each other more and spending more time together. At the end of the day I’ve gone there to find someone and I’ve come out with Harriett, wherever that goes, who knows. But it was really nice with her in there.

You said you were going to visit Harriett, is that still the case?

Yeah, definitely. I want to see her, see what happens with everything. I need to get her number first!

How do you feel about Jess now? Do you think her and Trey have a chance?

Yeah, definitely. I said to Jess, ‘I want someone to come in here and look after you and sweep you off your feet’, there were never hard feelings for me. For me after week one, I knew it wasn’t Jess, not in a horrible way, but I didn’t feel that way about her. She’s found someone now, I’ll be supporting both of them.

What’s your best memory from your time in the Villa?

The whole experience, I’ve had the time of my life. I don’t think I had a bad day. It was everything and more, I really enjoyed it. I came in and I was me, I was just myself. The way it went with Jess, if I didn’t explore that in that time with Jess, Tiffany and Harriett it wouldn’t have put me where I am now, so I’m glad that I did. Maybe the heart rate challenge, was not a bit of me, but I actually quite enjoyed it, I never thought I’d be saying that!

I’m glad Eve liked my Eggy Boff!


If a friend said they wanted to do Love Island would you encourage them?

100%, it’s a great experience. Where else would you want to be in life? I didn’t even realise the cameras were there, I felt like I was thrown into a Villa with my mates just being around beautiful girls. I’m glad I’ve done it.

Who would you like to see win?

Ayo and Mimii, as a couple they’re good together. I’m not saying the rest are rubbish but my friendship is close with Ayo and I’ll be backing them all the way.

Have you made any plans with the boys?

I think me, Joey and Wil are going to Ibiza, that’s definitely on the cards. Then we’ll be going to visit Wales, Newcastle, London…. The Ibiza one, I’m looking forward to that.

How excited are you that you can watch the Euros now?

Buzzing! That was my first question when I left the Villa, ‘What was the England score?’ Hopefully now I’m out, with my support, the England team will win it now.

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