Survival Of The Fittest: Girls beat the Boys in the latest challenge

The Girls win

The girls beat the boys in tonight's latest Survival Of The Fittest challenge.

In this evening's show, James got a message: “Boys and Girls, you will be taking part in the next Team Challenge ‘Birds Eye View.’ The teams will compete separately and one member of the losing team will be Replaced.”

The aim of the challenge was to get five golden eggs into their team’s egg holder as quickly as possible.

Once each team member – who was blindfolded - had to pick up a golden egg, they needed to navigate their way through a maze and place the egg in a bucket.

The bucket then got winched up into the hands of their team mate who was perched in the treehouse. This same team mate was responsible for guiding everyone round the maze one at a time.

Boys blindfolded for challenge.
Boys blindfolded for challenge.

The team that competed the challenge in the quickest time, won.

The Boys finished the task in 22 minutes but the girls were victorious with a time of 17 minutes.

It was their first victory and leaves the boys in danger.

Viewers will then vote for their favourite and one of the lads with the least support from the public will be sent home by the girls.

Ahead of the challenge, in the Tree House, new girl Sam was excited about her first challenge but also nervous about being responsible for being the eyes of the team and guiding everyone around: “I was thrilled by it because I really want to do well for the Girls because of what’s been happening.

"But after all the initial excitement, you think ‘This is on me.’”

Before the Boys take on the maze, Tristan talked about Callum being responsible for guiding the Boys around the maze: “Putting a lot of trust in Callum was absolutely terrifying. I cannot believe we let him instruct us. Instructing 5 idiots around a maze is a joke.”

The Girls during the Challenge.
The Girls during the Challenge.

In the Tree House, Warren added: “We were all blindfolded with obstacles and there is Callum guiding us through.

"That’s a recipe for disaster surely?”

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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