Big Brother 'could return in 2023 with new series on ITV2'

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ITV is reportedly in talks to bring Big Brother back to UK TV.

Big Brother was last broadcast in 2018 on Channel 5 after first airing in 2000 on Channel 4.


The hit reality show could now be set for a comeback - this time on ITV2.

According to The Sun newspaper, discussions are underway to air a brand new series in autumn 2023.

It's claimed that the show would be a 'civilian' version, featuring members of the public rather than celebrities.

A source shared: "They think putting it on ITV2 will open it up to a new audience and legion of younger fans."

The insider says that the talks were still at an "early, and delicate, stage".

A spokesperson for ITV declined to comment on the reports.


The source added: "It needs the full treatment and they’re confident they are the ones who can return it to its legendary former glory.

"It has millions of fans and is one of the most iconic TV shows of its generation."

The rumours come after former Big Brother host Davina McCall recently suggested the show wouldn't work on TV today.

Davina, who fronted Big Brother from 2000 to 2010 on Channel 4, said that "people would be constantly getting chucked out for saying something" if the show were to return.

She told Fabulous magazine in January: "If it came back now, it would never be the same as it was.

"And it’s not because of the programme but because of society. It’s changed so much and the expectations of TV have changed – I just don’t know if you could do it."

Davina added: "I don’t think it would work and that’s such a shame because it is a great format – but it was great for different times.”


Meanwhile, Rylan recently called for the return of Celebrity Big Brother.

Rylan, who won CBB before going on to host spin-off show Bit On The Side, tweeted earlier this year: "We need Celebrity Big Brother back. Now"

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