The Apprentice 2022 contestants and results - who left this week?

The Apprentice results - who was fired? Recap!

Baroness Brady, Lord Sugar, Tim Campbell MBE - (C) Ray Burmiston - Photographer: Ray Burmiston
Baroness Brady, Lord Sugar, Tim Campbell MBE on The Apprentice - (C) Ray Burmiston - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

Who left The Apprentice 2022 this week? Here are all the results and contestants so far.

It was the fourth episode of The Apprentice 2022 this week, as the remaining 12 candidates competed for Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment.


This week, the candidates were summoned to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich for their briefing by Lord Sugar. Here they learned that they would be entering the choppy waters of the fish business, sourcing a catch of the day and creating a fish dish to sell to the public.

They would also be selling to a major corporate client, with the team who nets the biggest overall profit winning.

Half the teams went down to Cornwall to find their sea legs whilst fishing for their chosen catch of the day while the other halves stayed in London to tackle a top corporate client, convincing them to buy into their fish produce.

In the final boardroom it was Navid Sole who was fired from The Apprentice this week.

Here's a full recap of the The Apprentice results so far...

The Apprentice 2022 contestants

Aaron Willis - 38-year-old Flight Operations Instructor from Chorley, Lancashire

Akeem Bundu-Kamara - 29-year-old Strategy Manager For A Financial Firm from London

Akshay Thakrar - 28-year-old Owner, Digital Marketing Agency from London


Amy Anzel - 48-year-old Owner, Beauty Brand from London

Brittany Carter - 25-year-old Hotel Front of House Manager from Bristol

Francesca Kennedy Wallbank - 26-year-old Owner, Sustainability Company from Surrey

Harpreet Kaur - 30-year-old Owner, Dessert Parlour from West Yorkshire

Kathryn Louise Burn - 29-year-old Owner, Online Pyjama Store from Swindon

Nick Showering - 31-year-old Finance Manager from London

Sophie Wilding - 32-year-old Owner, Boutique Cocktail Bar from Cheltenham

Stephanie Afflek - 28-year-old Owner, Online Children’s Store from Kent

FIRED EPISODE 4 Alex Short - 27-year-old Owner, Commercial Cleaning Company from Hertford

FIRED EPISODE 3 Navid Sole - 27-year-old Pharmacist from London

QUIT EPISODE 3 Shama Amin - 41-year-old Owner, Children’s Day Nursery from Bradford

FIRED EPISODE 2 Conor Gilsenan - 28-year-old Sales Executive and former Professional Rugby Player from London

FIRED EPISODE 1 Harry Mahmood - 35-year-old Regional Operations Manager from West Midlands



The Apprentice 2022 continues Thursday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

You'll be able to catch up and watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer.

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