Love Island 2021 app final free voting - download + details!

Free Love Island app revealed

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Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 and once again mobile app will offer free voting throughout the series.

For season 7, more gorgeous girls and fit boys are hoping to spend the summer of their lives in the five star luxurious villa in Mallorca.


Some of the singletons are there for romance and but others may just be playing it for the £50,000 cash prize.

But it won't just be evictions that us viewers get to vote on we also get the chance to make key decisions on the couples and their experiences in the villa throughout the series.

Love Island app

You can download the app and vote all for free.

Download the Love Island app for iOS: HERE for iOS devices

Download the Love Island app for Android: HERE for Android devices.

Make sure to watch the show each evening where viewer votes on the app will be announced.


Here are some of the type of votes available on the new Love Island app:

Single Vote
Primarily to be used in an eviction. The end user can vote for the one person or the couple they want to save. The person or couple with least 'save' votes or most 'evict' votes will leave.

Single Vote For More Than One
This option will be likely to list all, or a selection of, eligible inhabitants of Love Island, allowing the user to select more than one or a specific number to participate in a trip or challenge.

Group Vote:
Pick up to a certain number, or simply one from each of two groups, for example, 'Boys' vs 'Girls'.

Ranking Vote:
Drag and drop the singles in your preferred order from most to least attractive!


Multi-part Vote:
Multiple sequential votes: for example "Where should they go on their date?", followed by "What should they eat?" then "What should they wear?". All questions are answered in order to submit one vote.

Love Island 2021 airs nightly on ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9PM.

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