Pair ‘face police investigation over Judge Rinder con’


A pair of friends could face a police investigation after appearing on Judge Rinder.

According to reports, the pals made up a story to get a £5,000 pay out from the ITV daytime series.

But after boasting about their alleged conspiracy, they could now face the wrath of a real judge.

The Sun reports that two lads invented an “Oscar-winning” story of losing £6,100 in an office re-fit, with one of the pair ‘admitting’ to splashing the supposed cash after gambling it away.

The tabloid says the duo even created a fake paper trail with invoices to back up the story, which apparently left Judge Rinder “utterly convinced”.

The newspaper claims that any damages awarded are paid out by producers as a game show prize.

A show insider told The Sun: “The full weight of the law will come down on their shoulders. ITV won’t put up with anyone trying to undermine this show.”

And a spokesperson for ITV added: “If they have defrauded us we will take this up with police.”

However the pair who took part in the show defended their actions.

One said: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I was paid for entertainment and that’s exactly what I gave them. I was paid to act.”

The other added: “It’s only a TV show. They aren’t bothered as long as they are getting good ratings.”

Judge Rinder airs weekdays at 2PM on ITV.