New documentary to explore Nicola Bulley case

Picture of Nicola Bulley

The BBC has announced a new documentary about the disappearance of Nicola Bulley, a mother of two from Lancashire.

This documentary will feature exclusive interviews with Nicola’s family and those closest to the case.

Titled The Disappearance of Nicola Bulley: the Inside Story, it is produced by BAFTA award-winning filmmakers, Rogan Productions. It is set to air later this year on BBC One and iPlayer.

Nicola Bulley vanished without a trace in January 2023 while walking her usual morning route along the River Wyre in St. Michael’s on Wyre.

Nicola Bulley

Her disappearance captured the nation’s attention, leading to an international media frenzy.

This media storm has raised significant questions about how the police and media handled the case.

The film, with exclusive access to Nicola’s family and input from journalists and Lancashire Police, will recount the tragic events.

It will also explore the extensive media coverage and the impact of amateur internet sleuths on the official investigation and Nicola’s family.

Nicola Bulley’s family said: “Collectively we thought long and hard about taking part in a documentary about Nikki. It wasn’t an easy decision. Nikki’s face and name quickly became very recognisable, but there is so much to share about Nikki the person. Our sole aim is to provide the definitive record on Nikki to ensure she has the legacy that she deserves.

“Many people have aired their views about her disappearance and her untimely and tragic death, only we can speak about her as a mummy, partner, daughter, and sister. In addition, if our experience of being in the eye of a media storm makes people think twice about how they act and what they say online, then we will have achieved some further good.

“We’d also like to express our sincere thanks to everyone at Rogan Productions who have treated us with great care, respect and compassion throughout the process of making this documentary. It was emotionally draining reliving some of our experiences, but we wanted to do this for Nikki.

“Nikki’s loss is felt by us all, every day, we have drawn a huge amount of comfort from the kindness of so many people, and we want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has taken the time to contact us. We have so appreciated the many kind words and gestures during the worst times of our lives.”

Clare Sillery, Head of Commissioning for Documentaries, stated: “The disappearance of Nicola Bulley dominated headlines in early 2023 and sparked weeks of false speculation on social media. This new film asks important and timely questions about why this story resonated with the public and what impact it had on those closest to the case.

“My thanks to Rogan Productions and to all the contributors – most importantly the family – for sharing their story with us.”

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