McDonald & Dodds cast from Belvedere episode

McDonald & Dodds Belvedere cast and spoilers - Series 3 episode 1

McDonald & Dodds is back on ITV with a brand new episode – who’s on the cast of Belvedere?

Belvedere will air on Sunday, 19 June 2022 at 8PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

It’s the first episode of the new third series which is made up of four stand-alone feature-length films.

McDonald & Dodds cast

The cast of series 3 sees Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins reprising their lead roles as DCI McDonald and DS Dodds. Lily Sacofsky also returns while new casting includes Claire Skinner and Danyal Ismail.

The full cast of Belvedere episode are:

Jason Watkins plays DS Dodds
Tala Gouveia plays DCI Lauren Mcdonald
Jack Riddiford plays DC Darren Craig

Claire Skinner plays Chief Supt Ormond
Lily Sacofsky plays DC Milena Paciorkowski
Danyal Ismail plays DC Martin Malik

Sian Phillips plays Agnes Gillan
Alan Davies plays George Gillan
Catherine Tyldesley plays Kate Porter

Holly Aird plays Paula Monkford
Gabriel Bisset Smith plays James Langmere
Charlie Chambers plays DC Goldie

McDonald & Dodds spoilers

The episode titled Belvedere is written by Robert Murphy.

A full synopsis shares: “When a young woman dies in a busy park in broad daylight, McDonald and Dodds are called in to untangle the mysterious circumstances of her death. Who is she? How did she die surrounded by witnesses? And how is it possible that she is…smiling?

“All roads seem to lead to Professor George Gillan, a linguistic anthropologist who lives in a rambling mansion with his eccentric mother, Agnes, whose 100th birthday is days away.

“DS Dodds is sure that the house has something to do with the murder, but in uncovering Belvedere’s history, Dodds also unearths secrets in his own past.”

McDonald & Dodds continues Sunday evenings on ITV.

You can catch up now on the ITV website and BritBox.

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