Made In Chelsea start date and cast of new series

Made In Chelsea cast group photo
Made In Chelsea's returning cast. Pictured: (L-R) Sam, Yas, James, Maeva, back row; Harvey, Paris, Tristan, Miles, Temps, front row; Ruby, Lauren, Emily and Rez.

Made In Chelsea is back for 2024 with its brand new series starting on Monday, 15 April at 9PM on E4.

Our favourite Chelsea residents return for what will be the 27th series of the E4 reality show.

The new series will see the SW3 socialites back in Chelsea after a drama-filled trip to Sydney.

Meet the cast

The returning cast, featuring Sam, Yas, James, Maeva, Harvey, Paris, Tristan, Miles, Temps, Ruby, Lauren, Emily, and Rez, are set to bring more of their unique blend of charm, drama, and style to the streets of Chelsea.

Accompanying them this season are five newcomers who are sure to shake things up: Jack Taylor, Tina Stinnes, Zeyon Taylan, Julia Pollard ‘Muffin’ and Sam Vanderpump ‘Vanders’.

New Made In Chelsea cast members group photo
New Made In Chelsea cast members. Pictured: (L-R) Jack Taylor, Tina Stinnes, Zeyon Taylan, Julia Pollard ‘Muffin’ and Sam Vanderpump ‘Vanders’.

Jack Taylor, a 22-year-old from Battersea, London, is the kind-hearted and fun younger brother of James Taylor. Despite being single, Jack isn’t actively looking for a relationship, holding out for the perfect match.

Sam Vanderpump, aged 26 from Fulham, brings reality TV royalty blood with his aunt, Lisa Vanderpump, being a queen of the genre. Sam is well integrated into the Chelsea scene, often spotted with Reza, Tristan, and Harvey during their nights out.

Muffin (Julia Pollard), the 21-year-old Battersea resident, is as loyal and friendly as they come. Known among her friends as ‘Muffin’ for her super sweet energy, she’s been single for the last year and is proud of her half Norwegian heritage.

Tina Stinnes, a 28-year-old from White City, London, is making her return to the show. Known for her spontaneous and loyal nature, Tina is a familiar face in the Chelsea scene and co-runs a sustainable swimwear company, ‘Litora Studio’.

Zeyno Taylan, 24, is the new addition to the cast who met Harvey at a party last year. Currently dating Harvey, Zeyno is getting acquainted with his friends, including Tristan and Rez.

A first episode full of drama

In the opening episode, following Maeva and James’ splendid wedding, the return to everyday life has left Maeva overwhelmed and disinterested in intimacy with James. James, on the other hand, is frustrated by his lack of physical connection with Maeva, despite her being highly desirable.

The pair consider hiring a nanny to alleviate some of Maeva’s stress, while James also contemplates seeking a sex therapist to rekindle their passion, a plan Maeva finds embarrassing due to James’ openness about their private issues.

In another part of town, Tristan and Lauren’s relationship has become strained after a brief revival in Sydney. Tristan is eager for a deeper commitment, which Lauren seems to hesitate about. Their attempts at resolution are complicated by Sam Prince, who influences Tristan and confronts Lauren at her birthday celebration, leading to a tense exchange.

Meanwhile, Emily feels a growing distance from Ruby, suspecting Ruby’s avoidance is due to a potential reconciliation with Reza, which Emily disapproves of. Deciding to confront the situation, Emily plans to address her concerns with Ruby directly.

Made In Chelsea cast members Imogen, Ruby & Yas
Imogen, Ruby & Yas

Additionally, Freddy challenges Hugo over his behaviour towards Jazz, aiming to show Jazz he’s the better choice for her. The dynamics within this circle of friends promise complex relationships and emotional confrontations.

As always you’ll be able to stream episodes and catch up via the Channel4 Streaming.

At the time of writing, all past series of Made In Chelsea are available to catch up for free (for UK viewers) via All 4.

Made In Chelsea originally started in 2011 with a one-off series of 8 episodes. Since then, the show has typically aired two series a year as well as specials in locations such as Corsica, Croatia, Ibiza, LA and NYC.

That means over 200 episodes are currently available to catch up on!

Check out the episode guide here with a run down of every single episode available to play.

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