Love Island’s Samantha ‘would have done things differently with Joey’

Samantha & Joey
Samantha & Joey

Samantha Kenny reflects on her time in the Love Island Villa, her connections, and her hopes for the future, backing Mimii and Ayo for the final.

How does it feel to be leaving the Love Island Villa?

Obviously I am devastated to leave all of the girls behind but I am very excited now to see what my future holds and look forward to seeing what is next.

You explored a connection with Joey, what are your thoughts and feelings about this?

I was true to myself and didn’t feel like it was a waste of my time because I followed what I felt was right for me. When it comes to Joey, I think if I knew what I know now, I perhaps would have done things differently.

Are there any other boys you wish you got to know better?

Definitely Ronnie. Ronnie’s more my type than Joey was, but I feel like Ronnie didn’t pursue anything with me because he didn’t want to go up against Joey.

You seemed to instantly hit it off with the Islanders, who did you form the closest friendships with?

Jess and Nicole were my two best friends in the Villa. I was also really close with Harriett as well. I will 100% be partying with Jess and Nicole when they get out.

Who do you think is forming a good connection in the Villa?

Two couples stick out to me, Ciaran and Nicole along with Mimii and Ayo. I love them both individually and together – they are my end game. Ayo’s recoupling speech was lovely.

Who are you backing to get to the final?

I’ll go for Mimii and Ayo – they are probably my favourite couple.

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