Love Island SPOILER! Shock dumping rocks the villa after public vote

The Islanders by the firepit
The Islanders by the firepit

On tonight’s Love Island, Ayo opens up to Mimii as the Islanders face a shocking public vote.

This evening episode begins as Ayo pulls Mimii aside for a chat in the den to clear the air about their lingering feelings.

Ayo confesses that he can’t ignore his emotions for Mimii, saying, “For me personally, I can’t sit here and say to you, all of my feelings are lost…You haven’t changed, you’re still Mimii.”

Mimii encourages him to continue, and he opens up about how difficult it is for him to see her interacting with other guys in the Villa.


Mimii responds with her saying, “What is meant for you will never pass you,” which leaves both of them sharing a knowing glance. This exchange hints at unresolved feelings and the possibility that the door to their relationship might still be open.

The next day, the Villa buzzes with excitement as Grace receives a text revealing the details of a saucy kissing challenge. The text reads: “Islanders, It’s time to pucker up and find out who’s the sauciest snogger in today’s Kissing Competition. #LustyLipsing #NoPecksAllowed.”

The girls prepare for the challenge with excitement and some nerves, while the boys don noise-canceling headphones and eye masks to ensure they won’t know who is kissing them. The challenge is set to bring out interesting reactions, with comments like “Nice and slow, but a little bit sloppy” and “That kiss had me tingling all over, I didn’t want it to stop,” adding to the drama.

Joey’s playful remark, “I feel like this girl might be in love with me or something,” keeps the mood light and entertaining. The competition is fierce, and everyone is eager to see who will be crowned the best kisser, while some might be less thrilled with their snogging scores.

Later that evening, the atmosphere takes a tense turn when Ayo receives an unexpected text message asking all Islanders to gather around the Fire Pit immediately.


Grace then receives another text, revealing that the public has been voting for their favourite girl and boy, with those receiving the fewest votes at risk of being dumped from the island that very night.

Newcomers Josh and Reuben are exempt from this vote. The Villa is thrown into shock and anticipation as they anxiously wait to find out which girls and boys are at risk, and ultimately, who will be leaving the Villa based on the public’s votes.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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