Love Island fans are feeling sorry for Lucie Donlan

Love Island fans have raced to support Lucie Donlan after last night’s show.

Sunday night’s episode (June 16) saw Lucie get involved in two confrontations.

The first involved Joe Garratt, who she is currently coupled up with.

He was unhappy at Lucie apparently spending ‘too much time’ with fellow Islander Tommy Fury.

“I know they’re just friends but it’s strange. She knows it’ll be affecting me. She’s not really caring that much,” Joe complained. “I want a happy villa. Happy families. Lucie is acting very selfishly.

“Who is she sitting with now? Tommy. I feel like she isn’t the person I met.”

But those watching weren’t sure what Lucie had done wrong.

Speaking on Love Island spin-off After Sun, Caroline Flack reacted to Joe’s outburst: “Is he weird? What is Joe actually angry about?”

And on Twitter, former Love Island winner Amber Davies commented: “Joe can you please just like Lucie for LUCIE and not who you want her to be. Thank you x”

Later on the episode, Lucie found herself in the middle of more drama after a challenge saw the girls take part in a food fight.

Amy complained: “Lucie just going for me all the time. She didn’t go for any of you. She went for me.””She just f***ing ran at me. It’s a fun challenge and we were all supposed to be getting each other. Lucie was just going for me.”

As some of the girls criticised Lucie, she defended herself: “She was going for me, I was going for her. I thought it was letting out some anger.”

Last year’s Love Island winner Dani Dyer spoke out on Twitter: “Just wanna give Lucie a cuddle they need to chill out leave the girl alone.”

However others felt both Lucie and Amy were making mountains out of molehills.

One viewer commented: “Both Lucie and Amy are ????????? This whole thing is pathetic. Amy shouldn’t have said anything but Lucie needs to let it go ?”

Love Island 2019 continues nightly on ITV2.