Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace new series shares emotional family reunions

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace tonight new episodes

Long Lost Family returns to ITV this week with a new three-part series – here’s all you need to know.

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace airs nightly at 9PM between Monday, 23 May to Wednesday, 25 May.

The show follows ‘foundlings’ in search of their families.

Foundlings are people abandoned as babies, often in the first days and weeks of their lives, who until now have been unable to solve the ultimate mystery of their lives – who they are. Born without trace, with no birth record or name, they have had no way of discovering the basic facts of their identity.

As the stories unfold, the viewer is taken on an extraordinary journey through twists and turns worthy of any drama, but presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reveal information with sensitivity and compassion and always with the support and expertise of the team of social workers behind the scenes.

Episode 1 – 23 May
In episode one we meet Andy Hallsworth who was left on church steps over fifty years ago. He knows almost nothing about the circumstances of his birth. We also meet our youngest foundling to date, Natasha Carr who was left in public toilets inside London’s St Thomas’s hospital in 1989.

Episode 2 – 24 May
Episode 2 follows the story of one of the most famous foundling cases in recent years, Matt Butt, who became known as ‘The Ice Baby’ after being discovered in a London phone box on the coldest night of the year. We also feature Paul Garner who was left thirty years earlier in the public toilets of a park in Abergavenny, Wales.

Episode 3 – 25 May
In Episode 3 we meet 34-year-old Niki Weedon, who was discovered as a new-born on the steps of a tower block and David Reardon, who has spent a lifetime wondering about his origins after being left opposite an underground station seventy years ago.

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace airs nightly at 9PM between Monday, 23 May to Wednesday, 25 May on ITV.

You can watch episodes online via ITV Hub.