Junior Doctors to return to BBC Three with brand new series


Junior Doctors is returning to BBC Three in its new online home.

The popular TV series Junior Doctors will be back with a brand new group of recently qualified young medics looking to carve a career path in the highly competitive profession.

Filmed for almost four months at Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital, the series follows both the professional and personal lives of seven doctors working at the region’s largest training hospital.

Viewers follow the trials and tribulations of Anna, Osama, Omar, Emeka, Jin, Jo and Jess as they attempt to negotiate the challenges faced by junior doctors.

From exhausting night-shifts to cardiac arrests; saving lives to delivering heart-breaking news, each doctor learns more about themselves and humanity than they could have ever imagined.

You can watch BBC Three online on demand via the BBC iPLayer.

The Junior Doctors

Anna was very squeamish as a child and her friends and family were very surprised when she said she wanted to be a doctor. She even had a phobia of vomit and still remembers crying hysterically once when her little brother was throwing up in the car.

Emeka grew up in Kent, he’s 6’6 and the son of Nigerian parents. He was very competitive as a child and naturally leaned towards the sciences. He comes from a family of medics and from a very young age knew he wanted to be a doctor. He studied medicine at the University of East Anglia.

Originally from Malaysia, Jessica came over to Birmingham for medical school at 19. She was selected from a big pool of applicants from Malaysia to make it to med school in the UK so she’s proud to be through. She’s one of five children in her family – her siblings live between both Singapore and Australia and parents in Malaysia – she is in constant contact with them all.

Jin Ha was born in South Korea and moved to London with his family when he was five. He is the son of a Reverend at a Korean Community Church in London. He decided he wanted to be a doctor when he was 16 and is the first member of his family to go into medicine. He studied at Liverpool University and then King’s College.

Joanna is originally from Stockport but moved to Birmingham to go to University. She loves to travel and see the world. Joanna spends a lot of her free time doing sports. She joined a running club in Birmingham where she met loads of people and likes to socialise and hang out with them.

Omar is a Midlands boy through and through. He has lived in Brierley Hill near Stourbridge his whole life. He went to medical school at Warwick University before settling on Wolverhampton for his foundation years. He has recently got married and his wife is a solicitor.

A local Wolverhampton boy, Osama studied in London for six years and then moved back to work at New Cross Hospital. He now lives at home with mother and his grandparents. After years of independence at university, he sometimes struggles with being under their watchful eye. Osama has a sister who is away at University studying maths; she’s the only non-medic in the family.