Jennifer West joins Love Island’s Chris Taylor on Wakey! for ‘Bed Aerobics’

Your morning wake up together with drag star Ginger Johnson

Reality star and fitness trainer Jennifer West has been sharing how to work out without leaving the bed.

The star of ITV2’s Survival Of The Fittest and MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness has joined the app-based TV show Wakey! this week for some Bed Aerobics lessons.

Jennifer demonstrates how to do a variety of exercises including crunches, press ups and leaping back and forth over the bed.

She’s joined by Wakey! presenters, Love Island’s Chris Taylor and drag star Ginger Johnson with hilarious results.

Chris reacts: “I’ve lost a slipper! Oh my knee!”

Ginger laughs: “I’m not sure I can do this on a swivel chair!”

Jennifer encourages the pair: “You might be out of breath but keep going!”

At the end of the workout, Chris splutters: “Thanks for that Jen, I can’t breathe. You really make presenting this show hard!”

Wakey! is a daily app-based TV breakfast show which uses entertainment to promote positive mental health. It can be downloaded for free from

The 9 minute episodes are fronted by Love Island’s Chris Taylor and drag star Ginger Johnson and use entertainment, celebrity guests, ‘bed aerobics’ and tips and advice to promote positive mental health.

After downloading the app, you can choose the time you want each new show sent to your mobile phone every weekday and it acts as your alarm clock.