Jedward want to re-release their hit song Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)

X Factor stars Jedward are planning to re-release their hit cover of Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby).

Duo Jedward – made up of brothers John and Edward – appeared on The X Factor in 2009 before going on to release three albums, compete in the Eurovision Song Contest and take part in Celebrity Big Brother.

Their first single was a medley of Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby featuring Vanilla Ice.

The song got to Number 2 in the charts in 2010 but the twins recently hit out after it was apparently removed from streaming services and YouTube.

“That’s our legacy! We’re outraged, it’s part of pop culture! We demand a response!” they said on Twitter.

Now speaking to The Sun newspaper, Jedward have revealed plans to re-record the song ten years on.

“We have not heard anything,” they said of their song disappearing. “It’s just so disheartening it feels like we have lost a piece of what makes us Jedward.

“We aren’t going to be silenced!”

Jedward added to The Sun newspaper: “We are making plans to re-record it with Vanilla Ice or Niall Horan because he knows all the lyrics.”