I’m A Celebrity’s Frankie Bridge covered in rotten fruit in disgusting trial


Frankie Bridge had her geography knowledge put to the test in the latest I’m A Celebrity trial.

In last night’s episode, the campmates had picked out of a hat who would do the latest trial with Frankie being chosen.

At the trials area, Ant & Dec revealed to Frankie: “This is the Grim Grinder. This is a question and answer trial…

“There are 9 rounds as there are 9 stars to be won. You’ll be strapped into the cage, beneath the grinder. In each round a different food will be dropped into the cage. Then the grinder will start rotating. You’ll then be asked a question about the food item that’s been dropped in. You’ve got 60 seconds to give us a correct answer. You can guess as many times as you like.”

Frankie admitted: “I get motion sickness, so bad…”

Questions included: “Dauphinoise potatoes are made with cream and garlic, spell dauphinoise.”

Frankie tried: “Dau… L…”

Then again she tried: “Dau…p…h…i…n…aure…”

After failing on that star she admitted: “I wouldn’t have got that.”

When she was pelted with fish, Frankie was asked: “How many fish fingers are eaten in the UK every day?”

Frankie started guessing at 8,000, then tried 10,000. When Ant and Dec encouraged her to go higher she went up to 820,000, then 1 million, 2 million, before eventually landing on the correct answer 1.5 million.

Frankie said: “I think my kids probably eat most of those.”

Later she was asked: “Italy is the home of pizza, name three of the six countries that share a land border with Italy.”

Frankie first incorrectly guessed Spain, then got France correct. She then incorrectly tried Portugal and then she incorrectly guessed England.

In the final round Frankie was pelted with ground curry and was asked: “According to a survey, what are the 3 most popular curry dishes in the UK?”. Frankie immediately correctly guessed Chicken Tikka, Korma and Jalfrezi.

Ultimately, Frankie won 7 out of 9 stars.

Ant laughed: “So we’ve worked out your geography’s bad, your spelling’s not great, your maths is terrible, but you love a good curry.”

Frankie replied: “I do love a good curry. I’ve had a long time to think about food in here guys. Everyone’s going to be so jealous. It looks like I’ve been on a massive night out.”

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