Here’s where The X Factor is going wrong, according to Stacey Solomon


Former X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon has offered up her tips on getting the show back on track.

Amid claims another major revamp of The X Factor is underway, Stacey thinks the series needs to make some changes.

Singer Stacey made the final of the 2009 run, finishing in third place behind Olly Murs and Joe McElderry.

Writing in The Sun newspaper, Stacey has called on X Factor boss Simon Cowell to ditch Louis Walsh from the panel.

She suggested hiring some A-list names to mentor the acts instead, pointing out how the likes of Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and Usher have appeared on The Voice USA.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love Louis Walsh. He always has the best gossip and never takes himself too seriously – but he’s almost become the show mascot,” Stacey said.

She suggested: “My dream panel would be Simon – obviously, he’s not going anywhere – Beyonce, because let’s face it she’s an empowering, inspiring women, who’s a phenomenal recording artist and I’ve never experienced a live concert like hers, Cheryl and Craig David.”

Stacey also thinks it’s time The X Factor ditched it’s “joke acts”.

She explained: “I feel that having less joke acts would make it more credible as I find them really difficult to watch. I end up feeling sorry for them as it seems the joke is on them, but they’re not aware of it. Why have people on to laugh at? It’s horrible.

“It’s a singing contest after all so surely the main focus should be on the voice and stage presence – although there’s always room here and there. Jedward were one of my favourite acts to come out of The X Factor. They were considered a ‘joke’ act but you could tell they were in on the gag.”

The X Factor 2018 will air on ITV later this year.