Girlfriends cast and spoilers from ITV’s new drama


Girlfriends is a brand new drama concludes on ITV tonight – from the cast to spoilers, here’s all we know.

The latest of six episodes, ITV’s Girlfriends concludes on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 9PM.

From the pen of BAFTA award- winning screenwriter Kay Mellor, Girlfriends tells the story of life-long friends Linda, Sue and Gail.

The years have flown by, yet their lives seem more complicated than ever. When Linda’s husband Micky vanishes from a cruise ship on their wedding anniversary Linda suddenly finds herself on her own for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Widowed and out of her depth she turns to her old friends Gail and Sue for support, who each have their own problems to face…

Girlfriends cast

The series stars Phyllis Logan (The Good Karma Hospital, Downton Abbey), Miranda Richardson (Mapp & Lucia, And Then There Were None, Churchill, iBoy) and Zoë Wanamaker (Mr Selfridge, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, My Family, Gormenghast, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) in the three lead roles and showcases a stellar supporting cast including: Daisy Head (Guilt, The Syndicate 3), Chris Fountain (Coronation Street, Hollyoaks), Philip Cumbus (The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui, Comus), Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter, Ripper Street), Val Lilley (Cuffs, Mr Sloane, Shameless), Anthony Head (A Street Cat Named Bob, You, Me & Them), Adrian Rawlins (Hard Sun, Maigret in Montmartre), Wendy Craig (The Worst Witch, Unforgotten), Dave Hill (Porridge, Vera), Steve Evets (This Is Us, Looking For Eric, Rev), Paula Wilcox (Upstart Crow, Mount Pleasant, Boomers), Chloe Hart (Kinky Boots, Hairspray), Elena Saurel (Midsomer Murders, Silent Witness), Thailia Zucchi (The Windsors, New Tricks), Emmett J Scanlan (The Fall, In The Flesh), Rochenda Sandall (Love, Lies & Records, Broken) and Matthew Marsh (Love, Lies & Records, Riviera).

Girlfriends spoilers

In tonight’s final episode, Linda, Sue and Gail arrive in Spain to identify Micky’s body. Following Linda’s confession that she wanted her husband dead, Sue and Gail are astonished to learn she’s been keeping the truth about their relationship a secret for all these years.

As memories of that fateful night on the cruise ship flood back to haunt Linda, her friends are shocked to discover there’s more than one secret she’s been keeping from them.

When a nervous Linda reluctantly visits the Spanish police to identify the body with Sue and Gail in toe, things take an unexpected turn and the girlfriends are horrified to discover the body on the slab could be the least of their worries.

As a shocking revelation threatens to cause chaos for them all, Gail’s horrified when Sue suggests a dramatic solution to their problems. But with everything at stake, will they be able to go through with it? And if they do, will they pull it off?

Girlfriends airs tonight on ITV at 9PM.