First look: Love Island 2024 spoilers – Episode 37 (9 July)

Josh and Reuben
Josh and Reuben

On tonight’s show, new bombshells Josh and Reuben must couple up amid more drama in the villa.

In the latest episode, Mimii is feeling optimistic after the arrival of new bombshells Reuben and Josh the previous night. Declaring “Mimii is back!”, she is soon approached by Josh, who wastes no time in pulling her aside for a chat.

They decide to get to know each other better on the Hideaway terrace. With a drink in hand, Josh and Mimii toast to new beginnings, and Josh expresses his belief that they complement each other perfectly. Their conversation gets more intimate as they share a handshake and move into the jacuzzi together, leaving Mimii blushing and stunned by Josh’s advances.

Meanwhile, Reuben is determined to win over Uma and starts his day by making her an iced coffee, only to discover Wil has already done the same. Undeterred, Reuben asks Uma if his coffee is better than Wil’s.

Later, they chat at the mini Fire Pit, bonding over their mutual love of traveling. Reuben compliments Uma’s personality and looks, stating his readiness to challenge Wil for her affections. Uma acknowledges the budding competition with a smile, while Wil, aware of the threat, vows not to let Reuben steal her away.

As the day progresses, Jess talks to Emma about her relationship with Hugo, expressing contentment. However, she grows suspicious when she sees Hugo conversing with Ayo. Her concerns are validated when Hugo confides in Ayo about his doubts, describing his conversations with Jess as dry and indicating a lack of emotional connection despite their sexual chemistry.

Ayo tries to comfort Hugo, but the latter remains troubled, realizing he needs to have a difficult conversation with Jess.

As night falls, a surprising text instructs all Islanders to gather around the Fire Pit. Reuben receives a message indicating that both he and Josh, being single, must choose a girl to couple up with.

Josh is given the first pick. With the power to change the dynamics in the Villa, the upcoming decisions by Josh and Reuben leave everyone in suspense about the future pairings and the impact on existing relationships.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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