First look: Love Island 2024 spoilers – Episode 36 (8 July)

On tonight’s show, Uma and Matilda open up about their dramatic night while new bombshells stir excitement.

Following a dramatic evening at the Love Island Film Festival, Uma and Matilda retreat to the daybeds to discuss the night’s revelations. Uma expresses her embarrassment over her misjudgment of Wil, while Matilda agrees that the situation was poorly handled, making things worse.

Uma becomes emotional as she recalls Wil’s interactions with Jessy, feeling hurt by his comments about Jessy being his “perfect type.” Matilda and Mimii offer comfort, with Matilda reassuring Uma of her worth and Mimii criticizing men’s tendencies to be easily distracted.

Matilda also voices her disappointment in Sean’s behavior, feeling pushed further away from him. As their conversation is interrupted by Sean and Wil attempting to make amends, it remains to be seen if the couples can reconcile.

The following day, Konnor questions Emma about their relationship, seeking clarity on her feelings. Emma admits she might not be as invested as he is, describing herself as a “slow burner.” Later, Emma confides in Grace and Matilda, revealing her lack of spark with Konnor despite enjoying their conversations.

Grace relates, sharing similar feelings about her relationship with Blade. Both girls agree on the need to have honest conversations with their partners, concerned about how this will impact the villa.

Meanwhile, Uma receives a text inviting her, Mimii, and Jessy out for drinks with two new bombshells, Reuben and Josh. During the date, one boy impresses with his Spanish skills, while the other shows interest in Mimii, stating she deserves better than her current situation.

Post-date, the girls express excitement about the new boys, with Uma feeling rejuvenated and Mimii impressed by their attractiveness.

But what will it mean for the rest of the villa?

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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