First look: Love Island 2024 spoilers – Episode 29 (1 July)

On tonight’s show, Harriett and Ciaran’s tension escalates while Joey pursues Jessy.

In Casa Amor, Jake makes his feelings for Matilda clear. Despite comforting Nicole about her relationship with Ciaran, Jake subtly suggests his interest in Matilda.

When Matilda expresses concern about Sean, Jake reassures her, implying Sean is lucky to be with her. Jake’s comment that he might be holding Matilda’s hand when he tells Sean highlights his growing affection.

As night falls, Nicole and Mimii opt to sleep outside to keep an eye on the main villa, showcasing their concern for their connections. Meanwhile, Jake takes the opportunity to make his move, inviting Matilda to stay with him.

Elsewhere in Casa Amor, Hugo and Jess share a private moment, with Hugo confessing his initial attraction to Jess. Jess, in turn, opens up about her blunt nature and her recent connection with Trey. Their flirtation intensifies as Jess compliments Hugo’s looks and the pair bond over their mutual attraction.

In the main villa, the morning brings new excitement as six new girls – Diamanté, Ellie, Emma, Jessica, Lucy, and Ruby – arrive. Their bold entrance into the boys’ bedroom, led by Emma, creates a lively stir.

Joey’s shocked reaction upon recognizing Emma adds to the drama. Emma’s confident demeanour as she wakes the boys promises more excitement.

Jessica quickly makes a connection with Ayo in the villa kitchen, flirting and discussing their mutual attraction. Their conversation hints at potential romantic developments, with Jessica asserting her belief in the law of attraction. Ayo’s openness about his interest in Jessica signals a budding relationship.

Meanwhile, Sean quizzes Ayo about his interactions with Jessica and Mimii. Ayo admits he feels a stronger, more energetic connection with Jessica, despite also valuing Mimii’s calming presence. This acknowledgment sets the stage for potential conflicts and tough decisions.

As the day progresses, Ayo and Jessica continue to bond, with Ayo candidly expressing his feelings. Jessica reciprocates, hinting at the complications and excitement to come.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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