First look: Love Island 2024 spoilers – Episode 26 (28 June)

Joey & Jessy
Joey & Jessy

On tonight’s show, Harriett and Ciaran’s tension escalates while Joey pursues Jessy.

Joey and Jessy find themselves navigating the aftermath of their secret terrace kiss. They make their way back into the Villa, discussing how to keep their kiss under wraps.

Joey insists they shouldn’t tell anyone about the kiss, and Jessy agrees, though they admit the kiss was unexpected. When asked by other Islanders, Joey tries to downplay the terrace encounter, while Jessy reveals to Trey that they did indeed kiss.

Meanwhile, Ciaran and Nicole share a romantic moment in bed where they exchange “I love yous.” Nicole excitedly shares the news with the other girls, who react with joy and surprise.

The morning takes a dramatic turn with “Green Tea-Gate.” Joey tries to make amends by bringing Grace a green tea, but she rejects it, creating tension. Later, Jessy confides in Jess about the terrace kiss, and Jess advises Joey to come clean to Grace to avoid further complications.

In the evening, Nicole gathers the girls to share Ciaran’s love confession, sparking excitement and happiness among them. Ciaran also expresses to Sean that he’s never felt this way before.

The Islanders’ evening takes an unexpected turn when Konnor receives a text instructing everyone to gather around the fire pit. They learn that the public has been voting, setting the stage for upcoming drama. The episode ends with a teaser for the return of Casa Amor, hinting at more twists and turns ahead.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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