First look: Love Island 2024 spoilers – Episode 19 (21 June)

On tonight’s Love Island, Ayo’s controversial kiss with Uma upsets Mimii and stirs tension in the villa

The game of “Suck & Blow” has sparked tension in the villa, particularly for Mimii, who is upset with Ayo’s choice to kiss Uma when it came to a dare focused on sexual chemistry. Mimii, discussing her feelings with the other girls, expresses confusion and hurt, questioning Ayo’s intentions and respect for her.

She finds it strange that Ayo chose Uma, noting even Uma’s surprise. Mimii’s reaction suggests she is reconsidering her relationship with Ayo, feeling that the repeated excuse of “just a game” no longer holds water.

The repercussions of the dare game continue as Harriett, Jess, Matilda, and Uma discuss Ronnie’s behavior. Jess criticizes Ronnie for not fully participating in the kissing dares, implying he’s putting on a facade.

Harriett amplifies this by loudly accusing Ronnie of acting, which Ronnie overhears. Confronting Harriett, Ronnie asks for clarification, but Harriett dismisses him, telling him to stay out of their conversation. Ronnie then addresses the villa, affirming his feelings for Tiffany and expressing his frustrations with Harriett’s comments.

The arrival of new contestant Matilda has sparked competition between Omar and Sean, both eager to build a connection with her. Sean boldly interrupts Matilda’s conversation with Omar, drawing attention from other villa members.

Nicole and Jess watch in disbelief as Sean whisks Matilda away, suggesting he might be taking her to the hideaway. This bold move from Sean sets up a potential showdown with Omar as both vie for Matilda’s attention.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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