First look: Love Island 2024 spoilers – Episode 15 (17 June)

On tonight’s Love Island, Ciaran’s confession about Grace upsets Nicole; Harriett questions Ronnie’s loyalty and Joey tries to reassure a doubtful Samantha.

Ciaran feels guilty about a comment he made during a beer pong game, telling Omar he would have chosen to kiss Grace instead of Nicole. He confesses this to Nicole, who reacts negatively, calling him immature and suggesting he pursue Grace if that’s what he wants. Ciaran realises his honesty may have backfired.

Harriett is worried about her relationship with Ronnie, especially after he was taken on a sleepover by new arrival Tiffany. She shares her concerns with Sean, questioning Ronnie’s loyalty and expressing frustration over the uncertainty.

The dynamics in the Villa shift after the sleepover, prompting Joey to address Samantha’s feelings. Samantha feels like a placeholder until someone better comes along. Joey tries to reassure her, but the tension remains as Samantha questions if he kissed anyone at the sleepover.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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