First look at Showtrial series 2 on BBC One

The BBC has unveiled a first look at the eagerly anticipated return of its hit anthology legal mystery series, Showtrial.

Produced by World Productions and penned by Ben Richards, the upcoming five-part drama will centre on the high-profile case of ‘Officer X’ – a policeman accused of murdering a climate change activist.

The newly released images offer a first glimpse of the impressive cast, including multi BAFTA award-winner Adeel Akhtar, alongside Nathalie Armin, Michael Socha, Joe Dempsie, Fisayo Akinade, Tom Padley, Kerrie Hayes, and Barney Fishwick. BAFTA-winner Francesca Annis is also featured for the first time as Dame Harriet Kenny.

The plot revolves around the dramatic incident in which prominent climate activist Marcus Calderwood is left for dead in a violent hit and run. With his dying breaths, Marcus seemingly identifies his killer as a serving policeman. The series delves into the mystery of the unnamed Officer X, exploring themes of trauma, revenge, and the blurred lines between accidental death and premeditated murder.

From the victim’s final moments to the jury’s ultimate verdict, Showtrial introduces a range of compelling characters: Justin Mitchell, a charismatic and cocky police officer; Sam Malik, an anxious defence solicitor known for tackling seemingly hopeless cases; and Leila Hassoun-Kenny, a driven CPS lawyer spearheading the prosecution. As public outrage escalates, the series probes the impact of cultural divisions on the justice system, questioning whether a fair trial is possible when societal tensions run high.

In addition to the main cast, the new series features Nina Toussaint-White, Zoe Telford, Ali Khan, Daniel Kendrick, Frankie Wilson, Anna Próchniak, Anna Wilson Jones, John Light, Aidan McArdle, Daisy Badger, Flora Montgomery, Pearce Quigley, John Marquez, and Anna Healy.

Showtrial promises to deliver another gripping narrative, examining the complexities of the legal system and the contentious issues that influence public perception and judicial outcomes. The series is set to captivate audiences with its intense courtroom drama and intricate character studies.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release date and further details of the new season, as the BBC continues to build excitement for the return of Showtrial.

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