George Clarke’s Adventures in Americana (Channel 4)

George Clarke in Adventures in Americana on Channel 4

Join George Clarke on his exciting journey across the United States in this new series, where he delves into Americana, a design movement he’s been passionate about since childhood.

Americana symbolises a nostalgic era when the United States was envisioned as a land of grand possibilities.

George takes the road less travelled to uncover how this golden age shaped the U.S. into one of the world’s most iconic nations, meeting individuals who keep its essence alive.

When is George Clarke’s Adventures in Americana on TV?

The show currently airs on Sunday nights at 9:00PM however for the final two episodes it will move to Mondays at 8PM (5 and 12 February).

You can also watch online and catch up via Channel 4 Streaming.


Episode 1: From New Orleans to Bandera

In the series opener, George embarks on a 650-mile adventure from New Orleans, Louisiana, to Bandera, Texas, known as the ‘Cowboy Capital of the World’. He explores how three centuries of European immigration have influenced the diverse architectural styles of these two states.

The episode features a diverse range of Americana: a revealing walk through New Orleans, a visit to a former slave plantation, an adventurous day in the Bayou swamps, and a journey into cowboy culture at a buffalo ranch and bull riding rodeo.

Episode 2: Californi

George’s journey through Americana takes him to California, a place that shaped his childhood perceptions of America with its iconic imagery. He’s thrilled by the quintessential elements of Americana: classic muscle cars, the birthplace of the double-decker burger, and a uniquely designed skyscraper in the desert.

The episode highlights Hollywood’s influence on Americana, from a quirky filmmaker’s retreat to a cowboy film set transformed into a real town. George also explores Palm Springs, a haven for mid-century modern architecture, and reminisces in a lounge bar frequented by the Rat Pack.

Episode 3: Florida

In this episode, George visits Florida to explore its diverse culture and architecture, shaped by a history of hurricanes. He starts at the monumental NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, a cornerstone of the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle programme.

The journey takes him to a unique ‘fly-in’ community, homes with air hangars, and to Miami, where he discovers a hurricane-resistant modern home and over 800 Art Deco buildings born from stormy weather. George’s exploration also includes the vibrant Little Havana and concludes in Key West, at a historic American home.

Episode 4: Jersey and Connecticut

In the final episode, George travels to the east coast to delve into the quaint towns and breathtaking rural scenes of New Jersey and Connecticut. His quest is to uncover the quintessential 20th-century Americana architecture that epitomised the 1950s and 60s. His journey begins in the holiday hotspot of Wildwood, where the essence of Americana is palpable through its vibrant neon signs, doo-wop-style diners, and iconic motels.

A highlight for George is a visit to one of his most admired buildings – the Glass House, a legendary mid-20th-century modern masterpiece by architect Philip Johnson. Beyond this, George explores the classic New England waterfront homes, a peaceful poetry cabin nestled in the forest, and an old zoo revitalised into a unique hotel.

George Clarke’s Adventures in Americana airs on Channel 4.