EastEnders spoiler: Soap to air identity storyline with George Knight

EastEnders has announced a new identity storyline involving George Knight.

In the upcoming year, Colin Salmon’s character George Knight will experience a profound revelation about his identity, following a startling disclosure from his parents about his adoption.

Elizabeth Counsell and Christopher Fairbank portray Gloria and Eddie, who arrive in Walford to inform George that he was adopted through a process called farming, where children were essentially marketed for monetary gains by parents seeking to provide homes for them.

This shocking news triggers George to delve into his heritage, leading him to reevaluate the identity his parents have shaped for him since his adoption.

As the story unfolds, it becomes evident to the audience that Gloria and Eddie have more to their story, harbouring secrets from George. Particularly, Eddie’s racist beliefs become a focal point, unravelling his strained family relationships as they confront him about his views.

The producers of EastEnders have collaborated with specialists and individuals who have first-hand experience of farming to ensure the storyline is portrayed with utmost sensitivity and accuracy.

Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw said: “EastEnders has a rich history of telling challenging yet truthful stories which reflect past and present events. George Knight’s storyline will force him to question the identity his parents gave him from childhood as he discovers the true means by which he was adopted.

“It was imperative that we worked with experts and people with lived experience of farming to ensure the storyline is handled as sensitively and as accurately as possible.”

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